October 9th, 2008


Querying Mac Users

I'm growing more and more frustrated with Microsoft Word on Mac OS X. Right now I have a 600 page doc that I am providing feedback/notes on by inserting comments. This would be fine, but it hangs every two minutes, making me force quit and re-open the doc each time, which means that adding my notes to the manuscript is going to take way way longer than I would like the process to involve.

I've tried letting it hang and see what happens, but got impatient and stopped that at the ten minute mark.  I have tried splitting the doc into four sections as well as removing the Table of Contents, but the hang still happens.
I don't want to do this editing on the laptop with Vista installed, because I'd like to do this at my desk and avoid wrist strain, since they are still being very tender and touchy. Any suggestions on how to solve the issue would be much appreciated -- I've spent some time Googling around trying to find a solution, but unsuccessfully so far. I'm going to try rebuilding the desktop next and see if that helps.
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