October 17th, 2008


Nice Review

William Mingin reviews Realms, the anthology of Clarkesworld's first year, for Strange Horizons. He says this about my story:

In his introduction, Mamatas says, "my primary goal was to cultivate the audience of a popular magazine and not the audience of a literary journal," but these stories are rarely what I would call "popular fiction"; I think I'd put only Cat Rambo's "I'll Gnaw Your Bones, the Manticore Said," a fantasy set in a generic-sounding, roughly pre-industrial fantasy world, firmly in that category. This is not to dismiss this entertaining story because of its relative accessibility. Its best element is the worldly, pragmatic, down-to-earth voice of the female protagonist, who is not necessarily nice, but is quite likeable, and sounds like someone you or I might know. Rambo is a writer to watch, remarkable among "writers to watch" in that she really is a writer to watch.


Blog For A Beer

I've asked this over at Fantasy's Blog for a Beer:

What are the books that a) you think every fantasy buff should have read (Moorcock? Tolkein? Bradley?), and b) are good “gateway” books, that are accessible to someone who has never read fantasy and make them want to read further?