October 29th, 2008


Total Writing Wankery

This is process talk, because I am figuring out what I am doing in (what I hope is) the final part of the rewrite. The novel features three and a half points of view: main characters Bella, Skilto, and Teo, along with a chunk made up of letters and bits of a play and an Abolitionist text and Other Stuff.

Thanks to the wonders of Scrivener, I was easily able to print out each pov as its own section, and with the Bella and Skilto sections I'm adding some stuff in one pass, doing a second revision pass, and then a final read-aloud pass. With the other povs, I'm doing two passes, a revision and then a read aloud and burnish. I need to go get new toner for the printer at some point today or else burn a disk to take into Staples and print out while I wait for an Internet order to go through.

Once that is all done -- I'm about halfway through it -- I'll re-assemble the pieces into the whole, and then do a read-through for sanity, then give it to a couple of readers. Plan is to be completely done by the end of November and right now I'm ahead of schedule.

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