November 7th, 2008



I've been head down this week, trying to get a head start on Nanowrimo, since I know I always get derailed by my birthday mid month and then the Thanksgiving holidays. At the same time, I'm almost at the end of the rewrite of The Moon's Apprentice and hoping to have that ready to go out into the world by the end of the month at the very latest, hopefully midway through.

The nice thing about being productive in Nano is that it gets me in a mindset where I'm more productive all around, so I've managed to finish up one project, send off a batch of questions for an interview, get some Fantasy rejections done, and catch up on some e-mails (with another big batch to go, heh) and housework (and there again, I have done less than the amount that waits, looming, to be done). And re-pinked my hair, in celebration of the election results. This weekend I'll keep writing, meet with one writing group Sat, keep nibbling away at the project list, and finish up a batch of Fantasy mag business. Whew.

I'll also be at OryCon in a couple of weeks -- see you there perhaps!