November 10th, 2008


One Last Click Song

I don't usually jump on the grief wagon when celebrities die, but I am sad to hear that Miriam Makeba died.  She was a South African singer who worked for world peace and produced a lot of tremendous music over the course of her 50 year career, over 30 years of it spent in exile from her own country, which also banned her records.  She sang with Nina Simone and Dizzy GIllespie. She was terrific. I first encountered her music in the album Sangoma, found through the Ladyslipper catalog, and I was lucky enough to hear her and Hugh Maksela in concert at Notre Dame in the late 80s. Found out this morning on my coffee run, and listened to NPR playing clips of her music.

And so it goes.
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Did You Need A Rationalization for Book Buying?

I blew some money this weekend at the bookstore as a reward to myself for beating Nano goals. This (pointed out by Edmund Schubert) made me feel a bit less guilty about doing so. And I can excuse it further by saying it was all market research, since about 3/4 of it was urban fantasy, including a couple more Lilith Saintcrow books, as well as stuff from Libba Bray, Glen Cook, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Melissa Marr, Rob Thurman, and Liz Williams. Yeah. That's right, that's the ticket.

So far today, I've done some editing, written 1300 words, run a load of dishes, checked my auctions on World of Warcraft, and cleaned the litter box. Surely it's time for more coffee.