November 18th, 2008


December Plans

November's been a head-down, word-crunching month (at the 34k mark!) so far (with some Wrath of the Lich King breaks here and there) but it gets a bit more hectic with Orycon this weekend and visiting Wayne's family for Thanksgiving.  December looks like it'll involve a bit more travel as well.

December 8th-14th, I'll be in the San Francisco area, bopping around a bit here and there. I -believe- I'm reading on the 13th at Writers with Drinks, along with Jay Lake and Camille Dungy, but we're still working out the details, heh. For the first four days of that, I'm on my own and then Wayne will come join me. I would love to get and do coffee/lunch/whatever with people -- I plan to do some touristy stuff along with getting some writing in. Top of my list are taking Wayne to the Winchester Mystery House, visiting Fisherman's Wharf,and  going to City Lights. Drop me a line if you think you might like to hang out while I'm there?

After that, we're spending a few days over Christmas in Kansas visiting relatives, then coming back here and going to a place on the San Juans for New Year's. Seems strange how quickly the end of the year is approaching!


OryCon Schedule

Sun Nov 23 11:00:amSun Nov 23 12:00:pmCyber crimes of today, and the future
Catherine Rambo Michael Ehart Louise Owen John Hedtke

Sat Nov 22 4:00:pmSat Nov 22 5:00:pmGroup 7 Fantasy novel
SunstoneDavid Goldman and Cat Rambo lead a critique group
Catherine Rambo David Goldman Kamila Miller

Sat Nov 22 2:00:pmSat Nov 22 3:00:pmThe Internet: all the privacy of a post-card
Rhiannon Louve Alan Olsen Leah Cutter Catherine Rambo

Sat Nov 22 10:00:amSat Nov 22 11:00:amBroad Universe readings
PortlandSeveral members of Broad Universe will read their short fiction.
Mary Hobson C.S. Cole Sara Mueller Kamila Miller Ann Wilkes Catherine Rambo

Fri Nov 21 6:00:pmFri Nov 21 6:30:pmReadings with Cat Rambo
SalemReading of the works of Cat Rambo by Cat Rambo
Catherine Rambo