November 26th, 2008


World of Warcraft Question

Since Blizzard's answer to my question saying "I have tried asking fellow players and checking your knowledge base articles and have not been able to get an answer" was "We advise you to ask fellow players and check our knowledge base articles", I'll hope that the answer exists somewhere within the LJ hive mind.

Here's the deal.  Wayne and I made our death knights and ran them through the starting area, finally "graduating" and leaving the zone. Somehow, we missed the quest to get our mount spells. When we managed to run back to the area*, it turns out to be an instance: we are there and there are no NPCs whatsoever in the zone, including the one that is supposed to give us that quest. My ticket was brushed off with a canned response, so I've filed another, but I suspect they're going to keep not reading carefully enough to understand the issue.

*This involved getting through an elite zone with the run/die/ress/run/die/ad nauseum strategy.
**And yes, I should be working rather than posting.  Heh.