December 3rd, 2008


Technology Is Full of Fail

If you try to call me, be aware that at the moment my phone is not working. You will not hear me unless you happen to live within actual hearing range, in which you will be subjected to me saying "Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? I can't hear you. Mom, I'm going to call you back on Wayne's phone. Mom? Can you hear me?" As always, I have mixed feelings about this, since I hate talking on the phone.

We also had an awesome moment last night where my laptop rebooted itself and then announced it was now logging all keystrokes. Apparently a worm got around/through/prepositionofyourchoice the firewall. I can't tell if the other Windows machine on our network was compromised or not - it's running Vista instead of XP, which means the security logs are somewhat murky to me although I'm seeing a couple of things that look wrong to me. For now it's in quarantine and not allowed out on the Internets, while the laptop is being rebuilt, which is a PITA.

The Macs? Fine and dandy.  The Asus, which is running Linux, wasn't on the network at the time whatever it was hit us. 

Yes, yes, we are huge geeks and have more computers than we really need. At least we no longer have every single gaming console system invented by humanity. :)