December 19th, 2008


Snow, Day Two

The landscape's still pretty well cloaked out there. This morning I took a broom to the stairs and the car and we gingerly ventured out for coffee in order to check the roads. I'm compiling the daunting list of things I must do before we leave on the 23rd to spend Christmas in Garden City, Kansas. Ay, caramba. But it is very! bright and sunny outside, and I am enjoying the shimmery vista as I work.

I'm also putting together a commentary on last year's reading for the Aqueduct Press blog, which is assisted this year by having kept a list of what I read for the first time. Things I learned from doing this: I read an awful lot of CRAP, I tend to find one author and cruise through as much as I can easily find of what they've done, and I seem to read slightly more books by women than men.

The cold has me very croaky and it hurts a lot to swallow. Wayne works from home on Fridays and is being very amiable about my crankiness and whining.