January 13th, 2009


Obligatory Self-Pimpage

Well, although I figure it's an ill wind that blows its own horn, it's also true that the squeaky mouse gets the cheese. So...

If you attended WorldCon last year or this year and are thus able to nominate works for the Hugo, I've got a number of stories eligible. Among my favorites are Fisherman's Child (Farrago's Wainscot), Events at Fort Plentitude (Weird Tales), and The Dew Drop Coffee Lounge (Paper Cities). If you would like to read the latter two, please feel free to drop me a line. The entire list of publications is here. You could also nominate Fantasy Magazine for semiprozine, should you so desire. Or some editor of that fine publication. :p

If you're a SFWA  member, exercise your right to nominate for the Nebulas!

And finally, here's the Preditors and Editors readers poll, which covers a wide range of forms, again including mag and editor.

Thank you to the many people who provided feedback yesterday. I am working out a plan to tackle the issue, and it really helped to have people think I wasn't crazy. I had always thought of PTSD as something you came back from 'Nam with, and I was surprised when Wayne pointed out that car crashes are indeed something that can result in PTSD. My heartfelt gratitude for the kind words, support, and helpful suggestions.

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