January 19th, 2009


Another Fogridden Monday

If you're looking for something to while away a few moments of this Monday morning with, I point you towards this week's offering from Fantasy Magazine, Chantel Tattoli's The Gnomes Are Coast Guards. It is a lovely, densely written and poetic reflection on both the grieving process and story's place in that process. It's Tattoli's first appearance in Fantasy Magazine but I hope it's not her last.

This morning I've spent a while poking at Fantasy Magazine stuff, and now I'm ready to poke at the novel rewrite for a while. At some point there will be more coffee.

Upcoming appearances: I will be at ConFusion this week!
And if you're looking for something to do on January 29, I invite you to the Richard Hugo House's Online Publishing, Blogging and Marketing for Writers forum. Fellow panelists are Rebecca Agiewich, Eileen Gunn, and Ed Skoog.