January 21st, 2009


On the Road!

Way early tomorrow morning, I am on my way to Detroit, Michigan to be Pro GoH at ConFusion, wheeee!  I have several fabulously glittering outfits and a complete itinerary, which includes the following:

FRIDAY(Jan 23)
8 PM Salon E – Opening Ceremonies
9 PM Salons FGH – Meet the GoHs reception (I will be sparkly!!!)
10 PM Dennison I/II –  The experience of Clarion and other intensive workshops.   - Cat Rambo, Al Bogdan, Tobias Buckell [M] and Melodie Barker

12 NOON Salon E - The Short Story 
Cat Rambo, William Jones, Merrie Haskell, Jim Hines [M], and Steve Buchheit
The best of these are an art form unto themselves. Where can we find them?   How has the electronic age affected them?   Selling short stories -- aimed at telling people how to submit short stories, how to get started and keep it up. (I have decided opinions on all of these matters.)
2 PM Salon E - Superhero fiction - what is it and where's it going?
Cat Rambo [M], Anne Harris, Matthew Stewart-Fulton, Steven Harper Piziks, and Doselle Young
4 PM Salon E – Meet the New Medium 
Cat Rambo, Tobias Buckell [M], Karl Schroeder and Dave Klecha
Games are as much a part of the younger generations entertainment mix as books writing for/about games.
5 PM Salon E - Mass Author Autographing Session

10 AM  Board Room - Kaffeeklasch with Cat Rambo
Your chance to chat one-on-one with author/editor Cat Rambo over coffee and donuts. Space is limited: sign up at Ops. (Doughnuts!!)
12 NOON Salon H - Podcasting -- the future of it
Cat Rambo, Matthew Stewart-Fulton and Alexander Bouchard
1 PM Salon H - Podcasting -- a how-to panel
Cat Rambo, Matthew Stewart-Fulton and Alexander Bouchard

I would like to do coffees and drinks with many peoples while being sparkly, so please drop me an e-mail if you want to make sure we get time!

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Preview of Sparkliness!!


Tomorrow we are up at 3:3o in the morning, holy cow! It will be fun, though. Wayne has been mocking me for the size of my suitcase, but I don't think it's too excessive. It's a single suitcase, after all, for one.
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