January 25th, 2009


The Remnants of ConFusion

I'm doing a little packing, a little sorting, a little napping...and thought I'd post this. At some point, I'm going to just crash and do the rest of my catching up tomorrow.

It was an amazing, great, wonderful con. Many thanks to Lisa Leutheuser, who was a terrific guest liaison, along with her husband Joe, who so kindly got us to the hotel. The same to con chair Anne KG Murphy, aka netmouse , who runs a lean, mean, fighting machine of a con, along with her assistant chair Jessica Zerwas. And to ALL the volunteers - it was so smooth and wonderful and well-run, all because of the tremendous hard work you do.

Thank you also to the many people who shared panels with me, including Al Bogdan, Melody Bolt, Alexander Bouchard, Steve Bucheit, Tobias Buckell, Anne Harris, Merrie Haskell, Jim Hines, William Jones, Dave Klecha, Steve Harper Piziks, Karl Schroeder, Matthew Stewart-Fulton, Doselle Young, and Rick the Time Traveller. Lots to think about, and I hope I was informative from time to time.

Thank you to the fabulous company of voices involved in the Radio Free Confusion's reading of War of the Worlds and to John/DJ Brick for putting together such a fun time as well as letting me impersonate a politician, which I think is about as close as I'll ever come to that role in real life.

Thank you to everyone who came to my KaffeeKlatsch and reading, as well as all the people who spent time talking to me. I met so many people! And you were all great. Both pirates and the zeppelin crew - you were a fabulous spectacle.

Thank you to Lawrence Schoen for making sure I had postcards showing the cover of the upcoming collection, and thank you to krisname , who made and drop-shipped
at the last moment both stickers and bookmarks  which everyone loved as well as the many well-wishers and people who said nice things about my sparkly dress. And to my mother, who both took it upon herself to make sure I was properly outfitted and knew how to apply mineral powder foundation.

If I have missed anyone, please attribute it to tiredness and confusion of the non-con kind.