February 6th, 2009


Novel Status

Currently on page 141 of editing the tenth and hopefully final draft. Edits all by hand, not incorporated yet.
Number of unwritten scenes: Still uncounted. Wrote two by hand yesterday.
Number of unwritten chapter tags: Still uncounted. Let's say 40 and see how accurate that is.

Current word count: 120,239
On target for 3/21 deadline? Yes

Today, alas, little will get done. I should be able to get through a few more pages in the next couple of hours, but then I'm taking the mother into Seattle.


The Roches

I use Rhapsody, which basically makes a big music library available to me, and so I like to poke around and find new stuff to listen to. I found a Roches album I hadn't heard before, Moonswept, and it's cranking away and I wanted to say how much I like the Roches, but I think they would drive anyone who doesn't like folk music just about crazy.

I do love "No Shoes".

There's your apropos of nothing moment for the day.

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    The Roches - The Naughty lady