February 10th, 2009


Novel Stuff

Currently on page 412 of editing the tenth and hopefully final draft, which means I got through 200 pages yesterday somehow. Edits still not incorporated yet.
Number of unwritten scenes: Still uncounted, but as I approach the end, I'm thinking no more than ten.
Number of unwritten chapter tags: Still reckoned at 40.

Current word count: 120,239 Avoiding the temptation to start on the edits just to see this number change. Must finish draft first, but hopefully that will happen today.
On target for 3/21 deadline? Yes

Got a whopping seven nonfic queries out yesterday, and an immediate bite on one, which makes me happy, since even though the market's not particularly well-paying, it's a nifty one.

The cough is starting to die aw
ay and didn't wake me up at all last night. Huzzah!