February 20th, 2009


Finishing This Weekend?

All of the handwritten edits are incorporated.
Chapter tags have been pitched, as has idea of one more read aloud pass.
Missing scenes:
  • Confrontation between Bella and Glyndia.
  • Teo reports conversation with Glyndia to Murga
  • Skilto rescues Teo and does Mrs. Tiggy a good turn
Missing chunks to be inserted in existing scenes
  • Skilto finds gems, gives them to Mrs. Tiggy
  • Elena's appearance in final confrontation
  • Bella's final decision
Final formatting pass needs to be done
Current word count: 123,589

I've got fewer distractions than usual this weekend, so I should be able to finish up, along with keeping on top of other stuff. We'll see. I'd like to have this sent off and out of my hands.