March 31st, 2009


Yesterday's Problem

To those following yesterday, OpenOffice was indeed an easier fix. Got the laptop shipped off yesterday so once it arrives, she won't have to go to the library to check her e-mail anymore (her machine died in what sounds like a pretty non-recoverable way, alas.)

The crab apples trees down the street are -just- starting to blossom. In a few days we'll have those little wind swirls of pink petals that look so lovely.

Working away on Phat Fairy again today and will post an excerpt if something presents itself as particularly excerptable. I am happy to find I've got this plot-shape thing down better this time, or at least am laboring under that delusion.

Check out our classic reprint, Miss Cubbidge's Dragon of Romance, on Fantasy Magazine and please leave a comment if you get the chance!


Norwescon Itinerary

Here it is, for those as is interested in such things. How does Saturday morning at 9 sound for a mass breakfast like last year's?

Norwescon Itinerary

10 AM Writers Workshop

11 AM Expanding the Realms of Fantasy
Evergreen 3
Fantasy literature is not confined to a pseudo medieval world with kings, princesses, elves and wizards.  Find out what other kinds of rich fantasy literature is out there waiting for you to discover it.
Cat Rambo, Tiffany Trent, Vladimir Verano, Mark Ferrari

3 PM Fantasy as Social Commentary
Cascade 4
Fantasy and Sci Fi have long provided "safe" ways for authors to discuss the real world they lived and struggled in.  Examine fantasy realms and lift the thin veil to look at social critique on racism, sexism, religion, politics and more.
Michael Ehart, Cat Rambo, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Spencer Ellsworth


1 PM Writers Workshop

2 PM Envisioning the Future: Can We Change the World Through Science Fiction?
Evergreen 1
Tomorrow isn't just a new version of the ipod, it's the definition of 'human', our effect on climate and our oceans, it's bio-technology that can make you 'better' or  immortal.  SF stories and art both past and present have helped us to more clearly see the trajectory we're on.  Let's think about the choices we're going to have to face...before we face them.
Leslie Howle, Todd Lockwood, Gordon Van Gelder, Cat Rambo, Judith Herman, Mary Rosenblum

4 PM E-stuff
Cascade 5
Are e-books, e-magazines and e-catalogs finding an audience to support the publishing industry?  What about self-publishing/vanity publishing - is it really the kiss of death?
Bluejack, Patrick Swenson, Bob Kruger, Cat Rambo

7:30 PM Reading
Cascade 3
Ms. Liberty Gets a Haircut – Superhero Fiction - Rated R

8:00 PM Talebones Live!
Cascade 5
Group reading.

11 AM Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace
Cascade 9
Using Web 2.0 for promotion. What works? What doesn’t work?
Leslie Howle, Cat Rambo, Donna Barr

2 PM Why Super Heroes Don’t Wear Capes - Writing Action Scenes for Characters in Costume
Cascade 8
This panel is a demo of things you can and can't do in a costume, which when plotting a story can make the difference between a believable and a laughable scenario in a book or a game. How  would a character in full armor really fight in a battle?  Or a fencing duel while wearing capes? A tightly corseted woman putting on a pair of boots? Our panelists will bring props to let you to test some movements you could only imagine until now.
JoAnne Kirley, Carmen Beaudry, Richard Stephens, Cat Rambo

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