April 8th, 2009


It's Been a Week

Just realized it's been a while since my last LJ update. So here's some stuff:
  • Been trying to get through 2k a day on Phat Fairy this month, with good results except for last Sunday, where I did little writing and a lot of World of Warcraft playing. The draft's starting to pull together, although it is a sad and patchy scarecrow of a thing so far, with big bald spots here and there.
  • Norwescon this weekend. Wayne's home sick with a cold today, and I'm hoping HARD not to come down with it before or during the con. For interested folks, I'm reading with the Broad Universe Rapidfire reading and the Talebones group, as well as solo on Saturday, which seems excessive to me, but ended up working out that way. Heh. 
  • Been going over collection stuff and ended up swapping "The Silent Familiar" in for "Bus Ride to Mars". I don't think the latter is ready for prime time yet, so I'm letting it sit a while longer. Need to finish up some press kit stuff for this today as well (sorry, Kris, really I'll get this to you soon).
  • I'll be reading this July 15th at the KGB bar in NYC with Samuel R. Delany, Kris Dikeman, and Jack Womack. Very thrilled about this!
  • The Drabblecast will be running my flash piece, "In Order to Conserve," this month, and I'm reading for them, which I need to get finished today, ugh.
  • Interviewed Kevin J. Anderson for Denver Decider; I'll post a link when it's up. Before any of the Armageddon people ask - no, we talked about comics, not the Dune books.