May 13th, 2009



Enjoying the Outer Banks, and all the friends. Lots of gaming - video, board, cards, and one puzzle getting solved bit by bit. Leeloo's talking now, and is one of the sunniest, most cheerful children I could ever hope to have as a star-daughter. Good weather, but Wayne got sunburned yesterday. Tonight Andy's making shepherd's pie. Last night Wayne and I were smooching on the beach and saw a shooting star. So far this is pretty high up on the list of good vacations.

Sold "Ms. Liberty Gets A Haircut" to Strange Horizons, which I think is a perfect market for it. Been getting a decent chunk of writing in here as well, and I'm hoping I'll come away with a decent story, "His Hooves Like Thunder, His Eyes Like Lightning," as well as some work on the novel done. And now I'm going to go upstairs and enjoy myself some more. 

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