May 28th, 2009



I finished Tad Williams' Otherland series. It was enjoyable and well done, there were two satisfying love stories, one sociopath, and lots of glittery, fun little chapter notes. On the whole, though, I think it could have been a whole lot shorter, perhaps even a single (albeit thick) volume.

I will admit, I don't mind long books. I read faster than most people, so I tend to like big ol' thick books for plane trips - two of them generally guarantees I won't run out of reading unless we're talking more than a four or five hour trip. I bought these for a trip to North Carolina and they served me well. But I won't stick them on the shelf of books I'm recommending to Wayne, because the payoff doesn't seem worth the amount of time he'd end up investing in them.

I'm curious, though, how much this matches other people's experience. Are you in the thickness = happiness camp, or do you prefer a slender volume?

(If you haven't posted on the win an ARC thread from a couple of days ago, you've got till tomorrow midnight to do so, gonna plan on sending out a pack of mail on Saturday.)