June 14th, 2009


Sneak Peek of Phat Fairy

Every day, my best friend Leeloo complains about the cafeteria food. And she's not wrong. Everybody hates the cafeteria food. But she's just way too descriptive. It puts you off eating anything. I was trying to ignore her, fishing through my locker.

"...Babysnot soup, also known as "potato." More like the paste you used to eat in kindergarten. Are you listening, Chris?"

I could barely hear her over the hall noise. Everyone was changing classes, rushing to fourth period, jostling and talking. The school didn't run the air-conditioning unless it was over 90 outside, and so the air was hot and oppressive. An arm's-length away from me, Bruce Fuson was leaning against the wall, music dribbling from the earbuds half-hidden by the sweaty strands of his hair, staring off into space. It was that new Fairy band, Pixeldust.

"Speak for yourself," I said. "I never ate paste."

On the other side of me, Karen Sassano sniffed meaningfully and said, not really under her breath, "That'd be a change, something you didn't eat."

Karen's a size 4 and I think three of her could fit inside my jeans. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in mean.

I ignored her. "I tell you what," I said to Leeloo, "I heard about a way to sneak out for lunch. Two seniors were talking about it."