June 23rd, 2009


Clockwork Love

Eight Clockwork Phoenix stories, including mine, received Honorable Mentions in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois. Congrats to editor extraordinaire, Mike Allen!
  • Marie Brennan (</a>swan_tower</span>), "A Mask of Flesh"
  • John Grant (</a>realthog</span>), "All the Little Gods We Are"
  • Tanith Lee, "The Woman"
  • C.S. MacCath, "Akhila, Divided"
  • Cat Rambo (</a>catrambo</span>), "The Dew Drop Coffee Lounge"
  • Ekaterina Sedia (</a>squirrel_monkey</span>), "There is a Monster Under Helen's Bed"
  • Vandana Singh, "Oblivion: A Journey"
  • Cat Sparks, "Choosers of the Slain"

Another Snippet from the Current Write-a-thon Story

The Laundro-Mat was a coffee house set in what had been, up unitl six months ago, an actual laundro-mat. The owner Derek was an ex-grad student who had flunked out of the corporate philosophy department and then started the coffeehouse with a micro loan. The loan had extended to such things as buying the place but not to removing the old machines.

He had filled the old dryers with Christmas tree lights, crammed into each and interspersed with plastic charms and thimble-sized objects. Fred glanced into one shouldering the entrance as he passed. A tiny Tabasco bottle, a thumb-nail maneki neko – a white cat with one gold-colored paw upraised in greeting, a matchbox sized green metal hearse. The lights twinkled white and purple.

Vicki was sitting at one of the banks of tables made by countertopping a row of washers. The floor underfoot felt sticky and badly used, where once it had been gritty and smelled of clothing perfumes. She was bleached blonde with orange stripes like flames in her shoulder length hair. Her arms were covered with living tattoos. Right now they were clockwork gears, coin-sized, turning and churning on her olive skin.

You couldn't get food there but you could have it brought it, if you didn't mind fishing through the plastic basket of discarded menus. The Honda. Yummie Bites. Polar Express. 300 Happy Rabbits. Centzon Totochin. Chow. Once you ordered, one of the neighborhood kids slouched beside the detergent dispenser would be dispatched to fetch the food and bring it to your table.


Posted on Linked In As Well But...

...since it's all about the social networking:

I'm hoping you'll pass this message along to anyone you know that might be interested. I've developed a one to two day workshop on social networking and establishing a web presence aimed at creative and/or technological types and am hoping to do some traveling this fall giving it. It can be fine-tuned to suit the technology level of the audience and I'm glad to work with organizers to make sure the workshop suits their needs and gives all participants useful takeaways. I will be giving it at Bellevue Community College this fall as well.

As far as teaching experience goes, I have taught at the 5th & 6th, 7th&8th, college, and continuing studies levels, including workshops for Blizzard, the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and Towson State University. I pride myself on being a dynamic, energetic, and engaging instructor capable of coaxing even reluctant participants into learning.