June 25th, 2009


Write-a-thon Week One Excerpt

You could reach the frat by going in through the front, via a terraced set of stairways overgrown with shrubbery that gave it an academic feel, or through the concrete and chain-link walled alley that bled between the block of frats, paved with grit and broken glass and primarily inhabited by the enhanced crows that built enormous nests among the unused telephone wires.

The crows had come to an uneasy peace with the inhabitants of Sigma Pi, who went so far as to make toys and trinkets for the fuzzy crow babies each spring, but they were at permanent war with Delta Upsilon, a few doors down. The young women resented the birds' intrusion on their sunbathing space, and often drowsed in the sun with small handguns in their bags or underneath their pillows, ready to pop up and pick off an unwary crow.

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