July 16th, 2009


End of Week One on the Road

The KGB reading was terrific - the bar was packed, and I managed not to self-combust with the sheer delight of reading with Chip Delany. I read excerpts from "Events at Fort Plentitude" and "The Dead Girl's Wedding March" and finished up with a flash piece also in the collection (which you can now find on Amazon), "Up The Chimney." krisname  went first, and her piece was TERRIFIC, and a lot of fun to help read.

It's been a really nice time, much of which is due to my hostess, the most excellent and aforementioned Kris Dikeman. At the same time, I can tell that I'm about ready to go home, and yet I've got another three weeks or so before I do so. I'm a little cranky and homesick and worried about the family member I'm going to go take care of in South Bend. I don't like being away from my sweetie and this trip is as long as we've ever been apart since the first time we started enjoying each other's company.  Blah.

However! Tomorrow I see my lovely goddaughter, and spend a couple of days with her and her family in Philadelphia before heading on to Indiana. So onward, forward, upward.

Just cleared out a bunch of e-mail, currently under six hundred. As long as I keep that up, I might see the bottom of the inbox someday....
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