August 8th, 2009


Sundry News

I'm home now after a month on the road, most of it spent in South Bend, the city I grew up in, taking care of my mother pre and post op. They took out a significant chunk of colon, but it turned out not to be cancer. I stayed with my brother Lowell and his wife Sherri, and they were charming, courteous, and altogether endearing hosts. 

Raven has forgiven me for my absence and smelling of dogs and other cats, but Taco is still being coy. Wayne is pleased to have me home and I am pleased to be so. I have been catching up on Big Brother, with about a bazillion hours to go, but I'm watching the one where Braden is (I presume, watching the votes right now*) being voted out. Wayne, who is one of the people handling the web feeds, has been catching me up on that, and I'm fascinated by a) how CBS chose to construct the narrative at this point and what it says about corporate media on the whole, b) the absolutely riveting alternate narrative about racism and American culture the web feeds reveal, c) the way CBS shapes the web feeds to keep things from being too-meta. I'n thinking about a longer post on this, but I've also got a lot of other work to do, including a ton of e-mail that takes top priority, so I will go see how much I can wade through. aiieee.