August 29th, 2009


South Bend

I am heartily enjoying staying with my brother and his wife, but holy heck, I am also so ready to be back in Seattle with my sweetie and getting back into a routine where I go get my morning coffee and then WRITE.

I have been reminded I should mention to interested folks that there's still time to sign up for the "Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy" class at Bellevue Community College. If you've taken the class with me before, there shouldn't be too much overlap - focus will be on prodding people to write and also to send out a story, and I've got (I think!) some fun stuff planned. 

Some other things I'm looking forward to: I'll be at SteamCon this October, and World Fantasy Con as well. Plus! reading with Cherie Priest and Jeff VanderMeer at the University Bookstore in Seattle in early November. For fans of the Ms. Liberty story, it's coming out in Strange Horizons this fall, and a sci-fi (ha!) story, "The Mermaids Singing, Each To Each," will appear in Clarkesworld.

And I've got to say, playing Rock Band with my brothers last night is about as much fun as I've had in a long time. Even if "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" didn't make the playlist this time. ;)  Less than two weeks to the Beatles version!!