November 11th, 2009


Nice review

 Rich Horton's year-end wrap-up for Realms of Fantasy includes this:

Three novelettes stood out for me. Adam Corbin Fusco's "Sails Above Greensea" (April)  is another of quite a few recent pieces about flying sailing ships (or balloons, as the case may be): here the conflict is between the two remaining city-sized Greatships on a nearly submerged world, the two ships captained by a father and his estranged son. "Digging for Paradise", by Ian Creasey (August), tells of a sorcerer who schemes to take a company into the very far future. The narrator must choose between revenge or more constructive options. Cat Rambo's "Diary of a Beast's Life" (December) is told by a centaur who is captured and sold into slavery along with various other fantastical beasts -- because beasts, for all their evident intelligence, are inevitably considered subhuman by humans. An old, sad, story, but powerfully told again.