December 9th, 2009


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  • 10:06 Blogged about finding (and deciding on) markets for spec fic: #
  • 10:26 About 3 am this morning, I realized I shouldn't drink coffee after noon. Go figure. #
  • 16:18 Yay, just finished the first draft of a story! That always feels so good. Now...ugh, time to venture out into the cold for groceries. #
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So I was watching TV, as I do sometimes, and I saw this ad for Target. In it two guys are talking, standing in front of a set of Christmas light, and the one guy's dog is agitated. The first says to the second, "I think my lights are freaking out your dog" and the second says, "No, he just doesn't like it when people flaunt their wealth." "Oh, we're not wealthy," the guy says.

And I'm thinking...okay, this is a PSA about not wasting electricity or not buying a bunch of useless crap. But no, it's a Target ad, telling you that they have lots of Christmas lights and if you buy them, you can APPEAR to be wealthy. And presumably irritate your neighbors

Here's the ad: (LJ isn't letting me cut and paste for some reason and I'm too impatient to poke around and find out why).

Did anyone else have the same abrupt mental turn at the end?

In other news, it is still freakin' cold here.

(later edit) I should note: I do love Christmas lights, I'm not anti-Christmas lights. I'm anti-telling people to buy crap they don't need that then costs them even more with a higher power bill.