December 28th, 2009


Writing Tools: Clicky

 As mentioned before, Wayne got me a SmartPen for Christmas.

I do a lot of my writing by hand, but the pen doesn't seem well suited for that, since you have to use special paper for it.  But I have used it for planning and found it useful.  I sat down and generated a list of 100 possible ideas for the Phat Fairy series with the pen, and then used it to go back and expand on some of the notes by adding audio notes.

This seems one of the best uses for it to me, to annotate text, and it's been handy with this exercise, which I'm now using the results of to plot out subsequent books in the series. I've also taken an exercise I use in teaching fiction, looking at first paragraphs of stories to see what they set up, and used the pen with that, doing
an analysis of two Kurt Vonnegut openings.