January 19th, 2010


Updates to the Great Water Saga, and Sundry Infestations

The water recovery people are finally done, after a few days of an industrial strength dehumidifier running in our denuded bathroom, while three more ran downstairs. They have taken away their equipment, and next comes a contractor, who will (hopefully) put the toilet currently sitting in the middle of the bedroom back as well as the vanity and sink, the last of which is currently residing in the shower, blocking its use.

The ants decided to announce that they planned to remain part of our lives in 2010 by capering all over my desk this morning. I finally tracked the invasion down to an errant and age-bleached M&M trapped under a baseboard.  One of the things I'm working on, partially as a result of the GWS, partially in order to keep us sane through another six months in this place, is clearing away some of the piles of Stuff we live with, so as part of that effort I cleared away everything around the desk, vacuumed and scrubbed underneath there, and subtracted a lot of the furry cat hair that likes to cling to electrical cables. Next step involves cayenne pepper in a lot of cracks and crannies.

Finishing up a story to go off to Asimov's this week, plus trying to get back on the 2k a day bandwagon, which the water swept away for an interval.

Need to post about the upcoming reading in Redmond on the 29th, which is a Friday. For now, I need to go get a haircut.