January 21st, 2010


Aftermath of the Saga

Since things are getting switched around in the bathroom anyhow, I'm working on upgrading it and making some necessary repairs. Current thinking, Chez Rambo, is that we'll stay here six months and then see what the employment situation looks like and where we might want to move to. That gives me six months to get some repairs done and the place ready to sell or rent somewhere down the line.

As long as everything's out of there, I'll paint, probably Monday morning or afternoon. It's going back to glossy white, since I think eventually everything will need to go to more neutral colors (the kitchen is pink, the living room robin's egg, the hallway turquoise, while the bathroom is lavender). When they replace the linoleum, I'm going to shoot for something in white and deep blue. Meanwhile, the vanity is getting swapped out for a really nice maple piece that I found cheap, and I'm going to top that with granite, having found some remaindered pieces.

The old towel rack, which springs off the wall in a clatter if you look at it cross-eyed right now, is going to be replaced by a couple of big ceramic wall hooks, and I'm replacing the light switch and outlet covers with blue willow ware ones because I like the look and feel of those. They'll also put a fan in there. If the budgets extends to it, going to yank the grody shower stall and replace it, but I suspect that may have to get postponed to another month's budget.

Our towels are an odd assortment of colors, since I care more about fabric than color, but against a plain-ish bathroom, that should work fine. And really, it's our bathroom, and not likely to be featured in Better Homes & Gardens anytime soon, so does the towel color really matter? I think not, as long as they are soft and fuzzy and absorbent.

In other news, working on a story that has NO CLUE where it's going, which is a little like trying to drive a car while in the back seat. Unexpected things happen.