February 9th, 2010


Throwing Things Away

I keep trying to clear things out of this place, before the clutter achieves sentiency and kills us in our sleep in order to take possession of the condo. With mixed results - I do manage to get the occasional boxload of books off to the Women's Prison Book Project, or a bag or two to Goodwill. 

But some things I have a hard time parting with because I feel they deserve a good home. I have one such thing on my desk, a Folkwear pattern for a Kinsale cloak. I have had this, literally, since the early 80s, and kept meaning to make it but never have. If you think you would, drop me a note in the comments and I will mail or bring it to you.
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My News!

I am tickled absolutely pink to announce that the fabulous Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown Ltd. has offered me representation and that I've said yes. She's excited by Phat Fairy, and I'm really really looking forward to working with her. Now I'll go run around the place squealing with glee for a while.