March 16th, 2010


Things I Tweeted Today

Today I used my bandwidth to say:

  • 09:47 I am at 999 followers and will ship the next person to follow me a copy of THE SURGEON'S TALE. #
  • 10:05 The winner is @jungleland! DM me your address and I'll get it in the mail tomorrow. :) #
  • 10:12 If you are a fantasy novelist, I highly recommend David Farland's daily Writing Email, which you can subscribe to on #
  • 10:40 I haven't played WoW in about three months and am thinking it might be time to cancel the membership. But...I've played it since the beta. #
  • 12:03 Some really sweet pics from lesbian prom dates posted in solidarity with Constance McMillen #
  • 13:03 Too nice a day not to go grab me a walk in the sunshine and then some coffeeshop writing time! #
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