March 18th, 2010


Things I Tweeted Today

Today I used my bandwidth to say:

  • 06:54 Oh, channel formerly known as the SciFi channel, you make me sad. #
  • 12:09 Off to mail pkgs and write with some peeps of the non-marshmallow kind. #
  • 21:16 Wayne got me a Mood bag! From the Project Runway store! #
  • 21:26 I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) -- Crazy cat, loves water #
  • 21:50 A good 2k written today, split between two stories, both very different, but ones I feel happy, happy, happy with. #
  • 21:58 RT @David_Tennant: Vote for David Tennant in Hello Mag monthly poll: #
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