April 1st, 2010


Things I Tweeted Today

Today I used my bandwidth to say:

  • 08:19 Last day to vote in the Locus Awards - bit.ly/drtWUj You don't need to be subscriber. #
  • 08:19 Who's ready for Norwescon? I am, I am! #
  • 12:32 Want to read "The Dead Girl's Wedding March" in Spanish? Here you go! axxon.com.ar/rev/?p=1732 #
  • 14:13 I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) -- BE COUNTED - George Takei & Brad Altman youtu.be/yGuc0q9_QWg?a #
  • 14:33 Contractor is installing bathroom fan. Both cats are highly suspicious of this activity and skulking about seeing if any mice are involved. #
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A Couple of Nice Things

I had a better version of this post, then the HTML exploded. let me try again.  [info]ann_leckie , who rocks, is starting a webzine! Here's the guidelines. I'm happy because she's taken a story for it, "Karaluvian Fale". Armageddon players intrigued by that name -- it is indeed (loosely) based on the life of one of THOSE Fales.

[info]ken_schneyer  has posted a brief review of "Narrative of a Beast's Life".