April 2nd, 2010


Titles Mentioned In "Testing The Limits of Urban Fantasy" Panel

 Here's the list I have from my notes:

What's next? 1) Continued re-invention of the popular tropes - vampires, werewolves, etc, not dead. 2) More from other mythos - Middle eastern mythology, mermaids, dragons, superheroes. More exploration of other genres and more mash-ups and combinations.

Sonya Bateman - Master Of None (draws on Middle eastern mythos)
Sarah Rees Brennan - The Demon's Lexicon
Emma Bull - Territory (fantasy western)
Jim Butcher - mentioned as example of male UF writer
Octavia Butler - Fledgling, "Bloodchild" (reinvents vampires)
Bruce Corville (sp?) - Magic Shop series, YA
Charles de Lint - mentioned as example of male UF writer, draws on Native American and other mythos
Simon R. Green - mentioned as example of male UF writer
Charlaine Harris - Grave Secrets series
Mark Henry - mentioned as example of male UF writer
Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge - Black and White, Shades of Grey (superhero)
C.E. Murply - Urban Shaman series
Kat Richardson - example of more mash-up based UF, combines lots of mythos
Ekaterina Sedia - The Secret Life of Moscow (Russian mthology)
Charles Stross - Laundry series
Shanna Swendson - chick lit UF
Mark Teppo - Lightbreaker (creates its own mythos)
Liz Williams - Inspector Chen books 
David Wong - John Dies At the End

Best line from the discussion: In Urban Fantasy, everyone's in the closet.