May 23rd, 2010



Most of the plants from Saturday's Seattle Tilth Plant Sale are successfully repotted. Currently the balcony holds: three hanging pots of sweetpea vines, a somewhat dubious basil plant, an arborvitae sprig, pineapple sage, tangerine sage, rosemary, English Lavender, carnations, iris, heliotrope, two tomato plants (one upside-down), variegated mint, a couple of ferns, and a hot pepper. The pots are scavenged or leftover from the flush period when I first moved out to work for Microsoft and decorated my apartment to my liking in a way I'd never been able to before.

I've got a hummingbird feeder hanging, plus suet, and a worm bin started -- all in all it's a pleasant place to sit and read or write most mornings.

I've also been assembling a science fantasy story, fantasy set a few years in the future, shamans and a devastating neurological plague, and two siblings forced into unwanted partnership as one of them dies. I can't help it, it's dark. Next week I want to finish that off along with another half-finished story, tentatively titled "Starling's Wing."

Looking forward to Wiscon!