June 1st, 2010


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  • 06:44 One more panel, coffee with a friend, kill a few hours, then airport and home! (if travel deities are kind). #
  • 06:46 It has been a terrific wiscon. Will post panel notes over next few days. #
  • 14:15 2 hours to kill in Madison airport. At least it's one of the nicest airports I know. Plus Great Dane beer. #
  • 19:26 Travel deities have failed me, Seattle plane delayed. #
  • 19:27 Also - to the women who pee all over toilet seats rather than sit down - I hate you. #
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There's always (for me, at least) some amount of post-con sadness and letdown. This year the con was full of awesome and win, which made it even harder to leave.

I'll be writing up some notes from panels, but here's a scattering of things:

The Lightspeed Magazine launch was great - featured Vylar Kaftan, Alice Sola Kim, Genevieve Valentine and myself as readers, with some explanation of the magazine by its editor John Joseph Adams. I thought all the stories were terrific, and it was a nice turn-out, including (thrilling!) Carol Emshwiller, whose fiction will be appearing in the magazine as well, in the audience. 

I found the panel on moderating panels very useful, and it was both timely and informative. Panelists S.N.Arly. Ann Crimmins, Mary Kay Kare and Patrick Rothfuss were entertaining and managed to get a lot of informative across in a pretty short time.

Both the Facebook panel and the one on Reducing Global Machismo could have easily gone on for a couple more hours.

The best part is always hanging out and random conversations. Plenty of those this time. Blaze and Kelly - you rocked as roommates. And Kevin is the best native guide ever - thanks for patiently taking us all over town.

If you use the public computers at Wiscon, particularly with Gmail, please for the love of Pete, remember that closing the window is not the same as signing out of email. I can't count how many times I fired up gmail and found myself looking at someone else's email. Next year, I'm going to start sending the person an e-mail from themself reminding them to sign out. Perhaps that could be incorporated in the informational signs next to that table?
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Notes from the Panel on Moderating Panels

Mod Squad: The Panel
Ever go to a panel and spend your time thinking, "With a good moderator, this would be a much better panel?" We'll review several ways to be that good moderator, offer tips and tricks, and generally work on improving WisCon's already high standards for panel moderation. Great if you expect to be moderating a panel this year, and also fun and interesting if you ever have, or think you ever will be, a panel moderator anywhere.

Ann Crimmins (M), S.N. Arly, Mary Kare Kare, Patrick James Rothfuss

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