June 2nd, 2010


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Panel Notes: Teen Girls On Quests On the Silver Screen

 From Dorothy to Ofelia: Teen Girls on Quests on the Silver Screen
Teenage girls don't get to go on quests all that often -- especially in movies. Are there movies we can share with our daughters that offer more inspiring storylines than anything from Disney? Is there a prototypical Heroine's Journey?
M: Cat Rambo, Sigrid Ellis, David Emerson, Naomi Kritzer

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Books Brought Home From WisCon

Conspirator, by C.J. Cherryh
City of Glass, by Cassandra Clare (ARC table)
The Secret City, by Carol Emshwiller
The Complete Drive-In, by Joe R. Lansdale (have a copy, wanted one for a friend for Christmas)
Suicide Kings, edited by George R.R. Martin (ARC table)
Fierce Angels, by Sheri Parks (nonfic, ARC table)
Ballad, by Maggie Stiefvater (ARC table)
Through the Drowsy Dark, by Rachel Swirsky (looking forward to this!!!)
Precious Dragon, by Liz Williams
The Shadow Pavilion, by Liz Williams
Jemma 7729, by Phoebe Wray