June 3rd, 2010


Panel Notes: Reducing Global Machismo

 Working On The Plan For Reducing Global Levels of Machismo
In her acceptance speech for the SFRA's Pilgrim Award, Gwyneth Jones characterized her particular form of feminism as "her plan for reducing global levels of machismo." Our whole culture, she said, "...could stand to be a little less masculine. Could stand a strong infusion of the values designated as 'weak' and 'feminine' -- negotiations above conflict, empathy above self-interest, and all the rest of that repertoire." But, as she noted elsewhere, we are living in a sort of perpetual wartime, dominated by masculinism and machismo, presumably the reason she calls this form of feminism "awkward." Clearly a change in administration in the US has done nothing to mitigate this culture. Is there any hope for this "awkward" kind of feminism in the near future? Or is machismo here to stay?
M: Timmi DuChamp, Andrea D. Hairston, Alexis Lothian, Cat Rambo

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