July 3rd, 2010


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  • 12:11 Been working on subs - thought Dreams of Decadence took electronic ones, was I mistaken? Have a story that seems right for them. #
  • 12:13 (Still trying to figure out best market for magic bra story too.) #
  • 12:18 #ff #followfriday spec-fic mags @clarkesworld @io9 @lightspeedmag @mbranesf @RedstoneSF @SFcrowsnest @SFsignal @thaumatrope @tordotcom #
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Stats for June

 Stories written:
  • The Coffeemaker's Passion, flash, 1600 words
  • Everkind, urban fantasy/literary, 6000 words
  • The Quilt, flash fantasy, 300 words
  • Magic bra story, literary fantasy, 2600 words
  • How Dogs Came To The New Continent, Tabat story, 5200 words
  • In the Sorcerer's Service, Tabat story, 4400 words
  • Long Enough and Just So Long, sf, 3600 words
  • Map*, fantasy flash, 400 words
  • The Peaches of Immortality*, spec fic, 6200 words
  • Starling's Wing, fantasy, 6100 words
*started in a previous month, finished this month

Story drafts through final polish and out:
At the Core, lit flash, Pedestal Magazine

4 chapters of Fairy Revolution written, approx 8k words
Some messing with a revision of The Moon's Accomplice
Nonfic queries out: 8
Submissions: 19
Rejections/hold notices/acceptances: 14/2/5

"Seeking Nothing" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Daily Science Fiction 
"Not Waving, Drowning" will appear in Redstone Science Fiction this fall.
"Coyote Barbie" will appear in a forthcoming issue of Expanded Horizons
"Angry Rose's Lament" will appear on Escape Pod
"Sugar" will appear in audio form from Podcastle.

In July:
Finishing off writeathon - it's not too late to sponsor me and get sneak peeks at six new and complete stories!
Starting to teach Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction at Bellevue College
Judging the Crossed Genres contest

Still trying to sell that WorldCon membership.
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