November 15th, 2010


The Kindle

Wayne made it a splendiferous birthday with both a Kindle and a Kinect. I'll blog about the latter later, but for now thought I'd record some of my initial reactions to the Kindle.

I'd held off on an e-reader mainly because I am a cheapskate - I rarely buy stuff new in hardback, and most of my buying is at the book exchange or thrift stores, aside from con splurges. So one of my first concerns has been finding the veins of free stuff, so I can keep my reading jones satisfied without breaking my wallet.

I wanted one I can take notes on, but I haven't played with that at all yet.

It holds 3500 books! Which means I could get rid of a lot, or at least some, of the books around here.

So it's been nice to find a lot of free stuff - much of Project Gutenberg is available in the Kindle store, plus there's a plentiful sampling of free stuff.

Other sources of e-books:
The public library
Baen's Free Library

I was happy to find a bunch of Bujold's Vorkosigan books here, including her new one Cyroburn. I am tempted by the lifetime membership here.

I like the heft and feel of the Kindle and the ease with which I can page back and forward. I keep wanting to be able to use the screen as a touch pad, but that's a habit from the iPhone and I think I can train myself out of it. Most of it is pretty easy to naviagate, once you absorb the conventions.

Battery life is rockalicious.

I like the screen saver (?), which has featured Jane Austen, Jules Verne, and the Book of Kells. It's very easy to turn on and off.

I want to get a case for it, because I'd like to keep it looking nice.

We're watching House and OMG is it terrible, terrible, terrible.