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My Baby's Almost Back

It's been a return to singlehood the last three days with Wayne in Philly right now. He's back tonight, and I'll be glad. Which is not to say an existence of pottering around the house and writing and eating Captain Crunch and the occasional bout of working on my BE pally on World of Warcraft has been bad, at all, but it's a lot more fun, generally, when my little cupcake is in residence.

One of the slush readers, referring to a comment I'd made about our favor of fantasy versus that of RoF or Beneath Ceaseless Skies, asked how I'd define our flavor. I'm still figuring that out.  Any thoughts from the readers out there? Is there something that makes you think one story is suited to us where another is not?

(Armageddon players - working on a post about the question of player retention that came up yesterday, will post within the next couple of days, because it's an old question and one where I think the player and staff povs may differ significantly. More on that to come.)

Why is it the more I listen to Mike Doughty, the more I like his music? (I went on an E&BM bout too, spurred by your comment the other day, Rebecca. Good, good stuff.)

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