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Writers and Blogging

This is an interesting piece from Guy Gavriel Kay about writers and blogging, and the relationship created by blog between writers and readers. I know I tend to be leery of posting too much personal stuff on blogs, and I also am just enough paranoid enough not to do things like Twitter "We're about to go to restaurant X!"  This is, unfortunately, because I've had experience with stalkers - not from writing, but other arenas - and so I'm careful. 

I think I've been lucky in that I got to experience some of the pitfalls (and pleasures) of being a public personality through Armageddon, which prepared me for the yuckier aspects of online interactions. It takes a decent amount to get me upset online, because when you've experienced incidents like people creating virtual puppets of you in order to sexually abuse them and send you a log of the events, a bad review seems fairly insignificant.

So here's my question - when you're blogging, how much is this a concern for you? Do you find yourself thinking of the people reading the post or do you just let the flow occur? Do you deliberately edit some things out? Do you separate out "public you" and "private you"? How much of blogging is playing a role?

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