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Is the Horde the Other?

Warning: This post will probably interest you only if you have played World of Warcraft. Even then there's no guarantee.

So I've been working on an overview of World of Warcraft for a friend's project, and something interesting hit me.  Let's look at the races on the two
sides, Horde and Alliance.

On the Horde side, which is the one I know better, so I may be missing some Alliance nuances, we have:
  • The trolls, who speak in that annoying Rastafarian mode, complete with periodic "mon".
  • The taurens, whose culture seems to be modeled after mainstream perceptions of Native Americans.
  • The blood elves, who seem to draw from Arabic culture. (I can't be the only person who's noticed this.)
  • The orcs, who are pretty much squatter versions of trolls, but lack the Rasta accent.
  • And the undead.
On the Alliance side, we have:
  • The humans, who seem pretty Eurocentric.
  • The dwarves and the technologically advanced gnomes, who seem to all come from Switzerland. See also: Eurocentric.
  • The draenei, who are big blue people from outer space.
  • And the night elves, which sort of blow my theory that all the racially marked stuff is on the Horde side to hell, but give me some time, because there's something a little odd about night elves.
Is there a pattern here? Or am I overreading because I'm avoiding working on my novel? What about those night elves? What about the difference between the Alliance capital, Stormwind, with its medieval castle feel and Orgrimmar, which is crudely built of unworked materials? Maybe I'm just still irritated by those goddamn succubi and being cranky, but it seems odd enough to remark on.

Also, why can't we have some undead nonhumans? I want me a ZOMBIE COW.

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