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Virtual Blog Tour

One of the things I'm prepping for in July to promote the collection is a virtual blog tour over the course of the month. If you'd be interested in swapping blog appearances, please drop me a line in e-mail or in the comments here.

I attended a phone seminar through Broad Universe on self-promotion that I found very useful. One of the things they talked about is creating a promotion plan, both short-term and long-term, which I'm working on putting together this month. If people would find it helpful, I'll post talking about that and show you mine.

I'm also organizing the Rambo July World Tour, which will involve ReaderCon, then NYC, and then a rambling couple of weeks of road trip somewhere along the lines of
South Bend, Indiana >> St. Louis >> Garden City KS >> Denver >> Salt Lake City >> Couer d'Alene ID. If you've got a stop somewhere along there you think we shouldn't miss, let me know!

Tags: promotion, publicity
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