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Three Fantasy Favorites from the Past Year

I was looking at my favorites from last year. Here are some - more from the list later.

Birds, by Jean Claude Dunyach
I like how the things the Magician notices along the way turn out to be significant: the sapling that will become his staff, the hopscotch pebble, the empty perch. The story of the Magician's solution for the absent men emerges, and it seems as though everyone has a bird associated with them: the boy's lark, the woman's hummingbird, and even the Magician's bird mentioned at the end.

The Small Door, by Holly Phillips
This story, more accessible than some of the others we've published, was a favorite with reviewers. It plays beautifully off the acceptance of death, on the part of both sisters, a death whose unfairness is illustrated in the title door.

The Adventures of Petal, the Paperdoll Pirate, by Paul Jessup
Jessup's lovely, surreal story is reminiscent sometimes of Hans Christian Andersen and other times of Moomimtroll and other times just Jessup-y goodness. Fabulous!
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