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Clash of the Titanic CGI Effects!

I've got a piece up at the Denver Decider talking about the Harryhausen classic, Clash of the Titans.

Other stuff for this weekend: I'm launching two new Fantasy Magazine efforts this weekend, and thinking I should have just done one at a time. But this weekend we are a) playing games on the @fantasytrivia Twitter stream (stop by at 1:00 PST for the next round and b) doing our first convention reports.

With the convention reports, we've got crack correspondents Eugie Foster and Joseph McDermott at OutlantaCon and Alethea Kontis and (I think) Mary Robinette Kowal at PenguiCon, which will also feature sporadic reports from a special reporter in the dealer's room. They're dedicated to giving you the hot con gossip, sightings of Wil Wheaton, and reports on who needs to shower and who's been doing splits in the con suite. You can follow it at @fantasycon on Twitter, or you can read the longer reports on the magazine as they appear.

But wait, there's more! Expect to see a feature Monday that's going to put the staff to the test as we work towards Total Global Domination in the field of fantasy. More on that to come...

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