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Fantasy Magazine In the Month of May

I'm going to be doing more stuff with the overall direction and content of Fantasy Magazine, although I will continue selecting fiction and working with those writers. I wanted to catch FM fans up so you know what to look for in coming months.

This month, we're focusing on social networks, and trying to determine which ones are the most fantasy-friendly. Towards that end we've got different staffers who've each picked a particular one - I'm working with Twitter, while Rae Bryant is our Livejournal person, Mark Bukovec has opted for GoodReads, Jaym Gates for WordPress, Ren Ferril for LibraryThing, Shelfari, and delicious, and Nicole Leffel has chosen StumbleUpon. I'm going to hope they each post here to talk about what they're planning for their exploration of that network. Rae has a cool competition going on for micro-fiction, I know.

We're shuffling around a lot of stuff over the month of May, so I won't be running con reports or doing Fantasy Trivia the next couple of weekends. We're in the process of taking on new volunteers, and I'll be posting more detailed job descriptions this Friday, and letting the apps build a bit before I start looking them over.

If you are a writer, get stuff in this month -- we're closing to subs for the months of June, July and August! There is some AMAZING fiction coming up this summer, but we've got a piep that's stuffed pretty full right now, so we're closing for a few months. We will still be taking nonfiction pieces, however.

I'm also gone to the Armageddon staff vacation next week, so I'll be slow answering e-mails. We have lots of great stuff coming up in May: including fiction by Alison Campbell-Wise and Karen Heuler, a special Oz week, plenty of Star Trek reflection and lists, podcasts, columns, reviews, reflections, and more!

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