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What I'm Working On

In the next few days, my focus is on a couple of things. The first is clearing the decks of e-mails and Stuff I Gotta Do in order to be able to focus on a specific writing project while up at Orcas. Included in the list of Stuff I Gotta Do: some bill playing, some reading through manuscripts, a free-lancing piece that's currently overdue, a story crit, and a bunch of other small nitpicky things. The second is finishing up a pretty complete outline for that specific writing project, the sequel to Phat Fairy, which has the working title Fairy Revolution. I'm glad to have recently taken a workshop on plotting; I think it's helped me add some nice nuances to the outline. My ambition is to get a LOT of writing done while there; it remains to be seen how successful that will be.

Currently on the stove, but not to be stirred till I get back:
  • the electronic version of Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight
  • cleaning up the audio files for a couple of stories from the above
  • some other residency applications
  • reading fiction for Fantasy Magazine (I'm looking forward to seeing the slush pile alive again!)
I've been writing up something like a self-assessment as a result of getting an agent: a list of potential projects and their current status, notes on what I've been doing, upcoming schedule, goals for the next five years, etc. It's been useful for sorting out what I want to get done and giving me a roadmap that helps me navigate this coming year.
If you're in the Seattle area and interested in a class with me, I'm teaching a workshop on Bainbridge Island next month on the 13th. I think it will be useful to both people just getting started and those a little further along looking for some prodding and inspiration.

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